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As an artist I work with many types of author personalities. I can honestly say that Dragica is one of the most pleasant clients I have. And being an artist I usually never have time to read the books I need to design for, but when Dragica sent me the manuscript for Children of Saint Cloud I was floored. Her story was so moving and engaging that the image for the cover came to me almost immediately. It’s my job to create beautiful covers for books, and I’m happy to say that Dragica gives me wonderful stories to wrap my art around.” ~ Taria Reed Digital Artist 

"I’ve known Author Dragica Lord for less than a year and we hit it off immediately, becoming good friends as well as writing buddies and cyber sisters.
She is an awesome author. I’ve read two of her books, Phacebook Drama and Children of Saint Cloud.
Reading her books, you will see and find out that she has a very creative imagination. She is an excellent descriptive writer; making her readers feel like they are in her scenes, or that they are one of her characters. When she puts you “in the moment”, you are there, you can feel it as well as sense it.
Author Dragica Lord, knows how to keep her readers turning the pages of her books, because they are intriguing from page one to the conclusion.
In Phacebook Drama, she unloads the truth and highlights the ups and downs of social media sites; where sometimes, people carry on so bad, it’s like watching a TV soap opera as people reveal their real selves. Author Draigca Lord, put that drama on the pages of her book, dramatic situations that is a reality when in cyberspace.
Her latest book, Children of Saint Cloud, is a mystery read. This too is full of drama and suspense because it deals with the mystery of death, terminal illness, children and peeking into the unknown of things that is hard to explain and understand. Author Dragica Lord has a way with words as well as having a way of making her characters seem real and believable.
I personally and highly recommend her books when you are looking for something sensational to read, enjoy and remember for a long time. Her stories will stick to you like glue.
So remember the name, Author Dragica Lord, when you are looking for a unique author who has the gift of writing."

  Winona Rasheed