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Dragica Lord

One woman's cry for help!

by Dragica Lord on 04/07/15

Hi everyone,
I wanted to use this blog time about my latest book, “Baa Baa Black Sheep.” Due to its content I had to change names for protection.
You see, there was a middle aged woman who I had the pleasure of meeting and during our newly founded friendship I got the opportunity of putting part of her life in this book.
To sum it up in brief; This woman who we call Kimberly had a sister and a brother who had physically abused her as a child and as she grew into an adult they mentally abused her as well.
Kimberly was very family oriented and loved God with all her heart and soul. She grew her faith to phenomenal places but her siblings have hurt her so demeaningly she started to lose her faith in God and the devil  began to set in to destroy her.
Both her siblings have done all they could think of to get people to befriend her and even talked to the priest of their church and told multiple lies to so many people it is just so unbelievable how they have tortured Kimberly mentally to make her almost lose her mind.
Yes, she came so close to even ending her own life for what they have done. Her mind became corrupt with devilish thoughts that she wanted to scheme both their deaths with more hurt than they placed upon her.
She confessed all her sins to God and pleaded with Him to help her to stop the evil thoughts and help her not to commit those heinous crimes she was about to carry out to satisfy her hurt.
Kimberly wanted to trust God nobody else. Look at what her siblings had done to her acting like the demon they were to go against Him and belittle  themselves.
*If you know of someone who has been struggling with sibling abuse please do not turn your back on them, they really do need your help and support!
God bless…
Dragica Lord    

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