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by Dragica Lord on 11/05/14

The Holidays are creeping up on us so quickly and all the kiddies are getting excited!
Can you believe that Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away. River can hardly wait, he says, "First Thanksgiving then Christmas." But of course he has been ready since the day after from last year, lol.
I love when the Holidays approach us because I love watching my sons face light up with merriment and to hear his voice sing happy joys of sound that brings the spirit so alive!
To hear River tell me what Santa should bring to him this year is so cute and fun.
River has gotten me wanting to start decorating but I tell him that our tradition is to go get the Christmas tree and decorate the weekend of Thanksgiving.
How about all of you, are your kids getting all buffed up for the Holidays... share with us.
Enjoy this sunny day,

Assisted suicide!

by Dragica Lord on 11/04/14

Good morning,
Today's topic is going to be a delicate one. There are going to be many different opinions so let's get this started shall we.

This is only my self thoughts about assisted suicide; in the Bible it says that committing suicide is a sin and I believe in the good book! Myself, I don't think that I could when it actually came down to it kill myself. I really don't think it is fair to all your loved ones that suffer through this and more after your gone. How could you expect your mother, father, wife, husband, siblings or children sit there while you kill yourself? I just do not understand it I think it's sort of selfless to put your family in more grieving mode. They will be sad enough knowing your going to die anyways but to shorten their time with you just isn't right. It's not right by you and surly not right by God.
When God wants you home with Him He's going to take you when it's time on His end.
I understand that if you're terminally ill and you're in such pain but didn't Jesus suffer more nailed to the cross?
Jesus survived and His heavenly Father lifted Him up when it was His time, He had to wait.
Not going to make this too long and remember this is only my thoughts I know deep down in my heart which is right by God. What are all of your thoughts?

God bless,

Winter is coming...

by Dragica Lord on 11/03/14

Good morning everyone,
As Fall is already here, Friday, woke up with a heavy frost, the flowers are almost diminished, there are a few still in bloom not for long. My roses against my shed are still blooming and now I look out the 5x5 windows and think about how I wished it were Spring just starting.
Knowing that many people get a little depressed during the winter time we just have to make the best of it and keep ourselves busy til it's over. I guess it helps me because our son loves to go outside and play if there is snow but I feel like my bones are too old for that, lol.
On the brighter side of things peeps, November we have Thanksgiving to celebrate and in December we get to celebrate Christmas!
Have a grand ol' day my friends,

Sunday morning...

by Dragica Lord on 11/02/14

Well, it's Sunday morning and there is frost on hubbys truck that had to be scraped off, yes, that time of the year again.
Although it is only 25 degrees outside I am still thankful for God allowing me to wake up to another day in this world we live in for now.
I hope everyone remembered to set your clocks back an hour, so yeah we got to sleep an extra hour.
As it is getting lighter outside I can see the Jack nipping frost on the ground. I guess it's time to get the fireplace lit.
Today is Sunday and please let's all say a prayer for everyone who we think may need an extra one today.
Happy Sunday and God bless....

Favorite places to shop

by Dragica Lord on 11/01/14

Hey everyone,
As it gets closer to the holidays everyone is rushing out to their favorite stores to shop. I have to tell you about a new place I found I think like back around march or so, the place I love to shop at is Fawn Run Farm which can be found on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fawn-Run-Farm/322455709280?ref=br_tf
 it is in Rolling Prairie, Indiana. It has all kinds of primitive items and so much to chose from.  Marcy Daily is the owners name and she displays it so beautifully. It really is awesome you guys, you need to go check it out.
Most months of the year they are open once a month and I look forward to her open houses. Oh and they always have refreshments too. You can also purchase their famous Whoopee pies.
I sure hope you all will share your favorite place/places with all of us, it's always nice to add another favorite shop to the list....
Have a great evening,